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Successful businesses don't happen over night and most definitely never become a success on the very first try. Every business is fostered through a unique journey that is just as unique as the creator behind it. Businesses don't become successful and stay that way without all the moving parts of your business constantly working to make your business better. The Business by Design podcast is for all the creatives, innovators, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to design a business they love and keep moving forward to bigger and better endeavors. That's what I do and I want to show you how you can do the same.



"What you do in life echoes in Eternity."

Hi my name Zobia (pronounced ZOH-BEE-UHH) Alvi and I like to create things. In our world, we truly define ourselves with the things we love, the people we love, and the achievements we have leveled up to. That's why its hard to truly write about yourself unless you talk about all those things. 

So I am challenging myself today to write about the core.

The actual person I am. 

Which has nothing to do with what I love or who I love or what I've achieved, but more about what I create, why, and how. 

In that case, I like to create things, but at the core I create websites, write books (that haven't been published yet), build businesses (ranging from hosting Business Brunches in NYC to running an online store for Fluffy, my pet bunny to a web development agency called Little Eternities that I developed skills for at a young age (12 to be exact). 

Why do I create these things? 

It stems from my love of design and code, my ability to write even when I have nothing to write about, and my obsession with raising my pet bunny, Fluffy

Ultimately, the goal here is to create something that will outlast me and my lifetime. 

How do I create these things?

Follow me on social media, get on my e-mail list, read some articles, and I'll take you through the process! 

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Talk to you soon,