This episode is a short introduction of the Business by Design Podcast. In this episode, I talk about what you can expect and how the show will be presented. This podcast is about designing a business you love and how to keep moving forward to bigger and better opportunities. We will talk about topics ranging from how to set boundaries as a boss to how to get out there and do it to everything else that comes with being a creative entrepreneur in this season of the Business by Design podcast!

Important Announcements  

  1. Show Notes + More info is found on the Business by Design website (you're already here!)
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  3. Leave an honest rating & review, shoot me an e-mail at and you'll get a FREE surprise! :)

What's in this Episode?

  • An intro to the show
  • An insight into how the idea of Business by Design came about
  • What the hell are these "Fluffysodes"?! 
  • What you can expect from the rest of the show

Resources Discussed in the Episode

  • Jason Zook and his awesome Action Army podcast
  • My friend Arthur - not a resource, but I have to mention him again!

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